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Tarrah Hodges, MFT

About Me

I value the art of listening. I believe life is full of mixed experiences; some being easier to make sense of than others. Humans are fascinatingly complicated and yet  simple in some regard. One thing that remains an inevitable fact is the need for growth. Like a root system, our choices, relationships and experiences in life are interconnected and either lead to something beautiful that we can appreciate and admire the hard work or can become a bundle of weeds amidst beautiful things. My hope is to provide a space for you to make sense of the experiences, challenges, and growth moments you are going through in a way that leads to something helpful and insightful moving forward.


 I utilize multiple theoretical approaches depending on the person and situation ranging from Adlerian, Emotionally Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, and Dialectical Behavioral therapies. Thankfully, there is no one size fits all approach. I am willing to see what works for you and walk along side you on your journey in this season of life.


Please call or email to arrange for an appointment


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