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Shannon Bryant, J.D.

About Me

Life can get messy, stressful, and really feel overwhelming at times.  Whether it is the job, family situation, finances, or just about anything else, stress accumulates in us.  It affects our emotions and even our physical health.  Like the tension in a spring, without a release, that cumulative tension can wear us out.  A healthy release is needed, and that is what Connected Therapy is all about.  Connection.  The human connectedness that we all need from the time we are born.  Providing that healthy connection can help you get back on track where you want to be and walk the path you choose.  All of us are here to help you connect, get that release you need, and find your path.

About me: I am the co-owner of Connected Therapy and an attorney.  I am also in my last semester of post-graduate work for my Masters in Social Work and fulfilling my graduate internship hours at Connected Therapy.  I am a certified trauma professional, EMDR trained, and frequently utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and person-centered therapy modalities with a limited number of clients. 


To reach me regarding any office concerns or to make an appointment, please feel free to email or call.


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