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Jeanine Serusa, MFTI

About Me

What does your path look like? Let's imagine and create it together as you lead in your journey. Let's explore your emotions and dreams helping you to understand your strengths. I offer an approach that is compassionate, somatic and accepting to each individual allowing space that is non-judgmental, and understanding. I work with all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, families, couples, and individuals, and have a passion for working with those that have experienced addiction in their life or in their family, trauma, grief, crisis, and feeling like you are misunderstood.

I use an integrated approach that includes Somatic Therapy, ACT, and your uniqueness to help you navigate through your journey. We will explore your passions, dreams, intuition, and challenges to find and embrace your strengths and tools to carve out your own path.

Getting started with a therapist can be scary and can take a lot of courage! We all have struggles from time to time and some of us struggle more than others. I invite you to meet with me and see if we can find a path that allows you freedom to explore and experience at the same time. Together, let's embrace the power of your mind, body, and spirit.


Please call or email to arrange for an appointment


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