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Whitney Walecke, CPCI

About Me

Showing up to counseling is difficult, and the journey toward healing is difficult. When you show up for your first counseling appointment, you are taking a huge step just by showing up. Acknowledging the pain and the hurts in your story will be uncomfortable. There are risks to showing up to counseling, such as feeling discomfort or having painful memories resurface– our vulnerabilities don’t like to be exposed! Yet, the only way to begin healing is to pursue this discomfort, those tender areas, with compassion and to befriend them. The more we can approach our painful memories and stories with compassion, the less control those narratives will have over our life and the closer we get to finding connection, purpose, and love. I offer a somatic, psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and relationship-focused approach to therapy. I enjoy working with individuals and married couples. In addition, I can approach therapy from a Christian faith-based approach if so desired.


I look forward to working with you as you take your first step toward healing. Call for an appointment today; I look forward to hearing from you!


Please call or email to arrange for an appointment


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