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 Nick Tieken, LCSW, LDAC

About Me

Taking the brave step to seek change is a powerful decision, and I commend you for it. I firmly believe in the inherent strength that you possess within yourself. From the moment you enter my practice, I prioritize building upon the strengths you already have. I embrace a person-centered approach, respecting and valuing your unique experiences and perspectives. 


 As a licensed clinical social worker and clinical alcohol drug counselor, I bring extensive experience in addressing a wide range of issues. My therapeutic foundation is grounded in the principles of EMDR, DBT, and ACT, enabling me to provide effective and evidence-based treatment. Specializing in co-occurring disorders, addiction, trauma, mood, and personality disorders, I am dedicated to helping individuals navigate these challenges and find lasting healing and growth. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.


To reach me regarding any office concerns or to make an appointment, please feel free to email or call.


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