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Lisa Schultz, MSW, CSWI, CADC

About Me

Understanding the key to a successful therapeutic alliance begins with an open and inclusive environment where one feels safe, seen, accepted, and heard. I believe each person has the natural ability and strength to overcome and claim a life worth living and I incorporate therapeutic strategies and skills that focus on a person’s strengths, experiences, needs, and objectives. It is possible to start living healthier and happier lives with less suffering and I am here to start that process with you. As a therapist, I am energetic, enthusiastic, authentic, open, honest, and inclusive. “It is the rawness of human interaction that supports the real growth internally and externally as we navigate this process of life.”

I have worked in a variety of treatment settings, including: inpatient behavioral health and crisis stabilization center, inpatient and outpatient residential addiction treatment centers, oncology, outreach psychiatric case worker and substance abuse counselor, hospice, and sexual assault and domestic violence advocate and responder. Most recently, I have worked with families and children as an outpatient therapist intern; serving clients with a wide range of challenges including: trauma, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, ADHD, depression, and family systems challenges. I have also worked closely with Veterans, persons experiencing homelessness, and suicide. It is my personal experiences, education, interactions, and the eyes I have looked through, that drive my motivation and goals.  

How I stay healthy: “The love I have for my husband, family, and friends. Being a new grandma. The passion I share with the outdoors when I am: walking through the desert, hiking on a mountain, riding my dirt bike, and camping in the middle of nowhere.”

“Equally important, sharing a smile with a random stranger and knowing that life is ultimately good!”


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