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Grief and Loss

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

The Grief process is never linear.  It is a complicated and complex process.  You are not alone. Our therapists can help you with the loss you are experiencing.  

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Grieving is one of the most difficult experiences we can go through. It can cause us to feel unsettling emotions, including shock, denial, anger, sadness, guilt, and hopelessness. We might also suffer from physical symptoms such as nausea, weight disturbance, and headaches.  Our therapists are here to help you through the complex issues associated with grief and loss.

Our therapists at Connected Therapy have specialized treatment in the areas of grief and loss.  We have therapists who have experience and expertise in palliative and hospice care, issues related to death and dying, as well as the complications tied to grief and loss.  Please review the bios for all of our therapists to find the best fit for you during this difficult time.

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Grief can be undulating. One day you might feel okay and then the next you’ll almost be knocked over by the experience—that’s absolutely normal." —Jordana Jacobs, PhD

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