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Angela Fuller, CPC

About Me

We are all on this “spectrum” of humanness. Sometimes being a human is hard. Sometimes it is joyful, sometimes it is exhilarating, sometimes it is liberating, and sometimes it can be devastating. Welcome to your journey within the human condition. Reaching out can be difficult, but part of the human condition is that we are social creatures, and we need the tribe to survive.

I believe that humans are resilient, incredible, strong, and amazing creatures. I believe that with the right resources and internal strengths, empowerment and guidance, we can be our best selves and learn to love the self that we are or have become, or who we have been – regardless of our past, current, or future circumstances.

My modalities of practice include EMDR, trauma informed CBT, DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy), person-centered (Rogerian) approach and IFS (internal family systems). I don’t believe that therapy is always “one size fits all” and we will work together to find what approach works best for you. In my practice now as a Clinical Professional Counselor I look at the human as a whole person. You are not just your trauma, you are not just your addiction, you are not just your familial problems, etc. I look to identify your strengths, your resilience, and your absolute right to exist in this world.

My background includes 9 years of first responder experience and I understand vicarious trauma, as well as being “in the trenches” during that time. I also work with those who are experiencing religious trauma and crises of faith. I received my undergrad degree at the University of Utah in 2004, and master’s program in 2016 from Walden University.


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